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Grieving Mother, prototype

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Accountability of the object
The motive for making this object is my continuous interest in Vincent van Gogh, in whose native village I live.  The story of the young mother van Gogh strikes me, because she lost a child at birth and then she became another had another with the exact same name. So she gave birth twice to a Vincent van Gogh.
The first child lived very briefly; the second Vincent became the world famous painter. The bizarre coincidence is that this second Vincent was born on the very same day, exactly a year later. I have wanted to depict this for years, and after various sketches and prototypes. This this is the result.
The object is also more than the story of "mother van Gogh". It is the archetype of all mothers through time who lose a child at birth / just after birth. Even if these mothers have children afterwards, this child will always be part of them. It is not without reason that there have been social developments recently, which resulted in a new Dutch law (2019) that states that stillborn children may also be included in the population register. Parents feel this as an acknowledgment of the existence of these dead children.

mother van gogh